what we offer?

We use cutting-edge tech and advanced thinking to bring your ideas to life


Our wireframes designed to feel natural and works both for mobile and web. We design user friendly products to help your business grow.

Web Development

We develop web applications that meet your requirements in every detail. It’s important to us that code be written the right way

Mobile Development

We create iOS and Anroid solutions for businesses. Our products satisfy consumers with clear UX and intuitive UI Design

MVP Development

In our work we always oriented at result. That’s why we develop solutions that works and make money. We make best products to help your business grow

Long-term support

We provide long-term support and preventative maintenance services for our clients’ projects and platforms

Tech Documentation

Documentation is an important part of software engineering. So we work with it from very beginning

Who we are?

Our Brain, CTO & coFounder
Our Blood, Designer & coFounder

After working together for few years, we decided to take the leap and team up. Now we are young outsourcing company with extensive experience of work with both start-ups and large commercial projects.

Our Team of professionals can create the perfect website solution for your business or organization. From graphic design to custom application programming, we can meet all of your website needs


python python python html5 css3 js jquery stylus react node.js git Slack redmine

How it works

We organize our development process accordingly to your project needs and time limits.

01. Research & Analysis

Any product begins with planning, which include research, analysnd data and references.

We will not torture you and force you to give us a full specification of the project, but we will help you to find the best solution for your.

02. Specification

After we agreed all functionality and stages of development we make detailed spec.

Before start development, our company focused on the specification stage so we can set reasonable deadlines and budjet.

03. Frames & Design

Our team design multiple versions of wireframes, logos and mockups.

Only after all customer's expectatiion will be achieved we initiating development stage.

04. Development

Thanks to previous steps of planning, development stage is optimized.

We are using Scrum and Agile methodologies to achieve goal in the best way and make development easier and clearer.

05. Testing & Delivery

Our QA engineers perfom testing for each milestone.

Final stage of development is delivery your product, including code and database migration, final testing, documentation and release..